Yokogawa CA330 RTD Process Calibrator

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Brand: Yokogawa
  • Corresponds to 14 types of RTD standard (JIS/IEC/GOST R)
  • Sub display displays value of resistance source and span%
  • Various types of source pattern such as step sweep/ linear sweep/ manual step/ span check
  • Corresponds to 2, 3, 4 wire & realizes RTD simulation
  • Operating temperature range from -10°C to 55°C
  • Dimension is 90mm (W) x 192mm (H) x 42mm (D)
  • EN61010-1 / EN61010-2-030 safety standard
  • Segment LCD display and LED backlight

Technical Document

  • Yokogawa CA330 RTD Process Calibrator

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      Yokogawa CA330 RTD Process Calibrator

      Original price was: ₹10,000.00.Current price is: ₹9,000.00.

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      Original price was: ₹10,000.00.Current price is: ₹9,000.00.


      The Yokogawa CA330 RTD simulate model corresponds to 14 types of RTD for sourcing. It achieves the high basic accuracy of 0.3°C (typical of type PT100), twice better than the previous model which enables it to operate a high reliable test. CA330 can measure the output of RTD like a thermometer.

      The Yokogawa CA330 is a high RTD portable handheld calibrator used to inspect and maintain the accuracy of control devices such as temperature controllers, temperature transmitters, temperature sensors and other process devices which are used in process plants, industry machinery, and manufacturing.

      The Yokogawa CA330 is a dedicated process calibrator which is capable of performing inspections and calibrations of RTDs. With a high accuracy of ±0.3℃ which is top class as a handy type to source resistance output and measure output of sensors. It not only corresponds to JIS standard and IEC standard thermocouples, but corresponds to GOST-R standard also. It corresponds to inspection and calibration with the summary of 14 types of RTD following the standards.

      RTD Coefficient Source/Meas. Temp. Source/Meas. Accuracy Excitation Current
      PT100 3851 -200.0°C ≤ t < 0.0°C 0.3V 0.1-3mA
      PT100 3851 0.0‹C ≤ t ≤ +800.0‹C 0.3+tx0.033% 0.1-3mA
      PT100 3850 -200.0°C ≤ t < 0.0°C 0.3 0.1-3mA
      PT100 3850 0.0°C ≤ t ≤ +630.0°C 0.3+tx0.033% 0.1-3mA
      PT100 3916 -200.0°C ≤ < 0.0°C 0.3 0.1-3mA
      PT100 3916 0.0°C ≤ t ≤ +510.0°C 0.3+tx0.033% 0.1-3mA
      PT100 3926 -200.0°C ≤ t < 0.0°C 0.3 0.1-3mA
      PT100 3926 0.0°C ≤ t ≤ +510.0°C 0.3+tx0.033% 0.1-3mA
      PT200 3851 -200.0°C ≤ t < 0.0°C 0.3 mV 0.05-0.8mA
      PT200 3851 0.0°C ≤ t ≤ +630.0°C 0.3+tx0.050% 0.05-0.8mA
      PT500 3851 -200.0°C ≤ t < 0.0°C 0.4 0.05-0.6mA
      PT500 3851 0.0°C ≤ t ≤ +630.0°C 0.4+tx0.033% 0.05-0.6mA
      PT1000 3851 -200.0°C ≤ t < 0.0°C 0.2 0.05-0.6mA
      PT1000 3851 0.0°C ≤ t ≤ +630.0°C 0.2+tx0.033% 0.05-0.6mA
      Cu10 427 -100.0°C ≤ t ≤ +260.0°C 1.5 0.1-3mA
      Ni120 627 -80.0°C ≤ t ≤ +260.0°C 0.2 0.1-3mA
      Extra RTD PT50 3851 0.0°C ≤ t ≤ +630.0°C 1 mV 0.1-3mA
      Extra RTD PT50 3851 -200.0°C ≤ t < 0.0°C 0.4+tx0.050% 0.1-3mA
      Extra RTD PT50G -200.0°C ≤ t < 0.0°C 0.4 0.1-3mA
      Extra RTD PT50G 0.0°C ≤ t ≤ +800.0°C 0.4+tx0.050% 0.1-3mA
      Extra RTD PT100G -200.0°C ≤ t < 0.0°C 0.3 0.1-3mA
      Extra RTD PT100G 0.0°C ≤ t ≤ +630.0°C 0.3+tx0.033% 0.1-3mA
      Extra RTD Cu50M -180.0°C ≤ t < 0.0°C 0.4 0.1-3mA
      Extra RTD Cu50M 0.0°C ≤ t ≤ +200.0°C 0.4+tx0.050% 0.1-3mA
      Extra RTD Cu100M -180°0‹C ≤ t < 0.0°C 0.3 0.1-3mA
      Extra RTD Cu100M 0.0°C ≤ t ≤ +200.0°C 0.3+tx0.033% 0.1-3mA
      Range Resolution Source & Meas. Range Source & Meas. Accuracy Note
      5000 Ω 10 mΩ 0.00 to 550.00Ω 0.025% of setting/reading+0.1Ω 0.1-3mA
      3000 Ω 100 mΩ 0.0 to 3300.0Ω 0.025% of setting/reading+0.1Ω 0.1-3mA
      Yokogawa CA330 General Specifications:
      Display: Segment LCD
      Backlight: LED (Selection of “Constantly ON”, “Constantly OFF” or “Auto off by approx. 2min”)
      Battery life: 50 hours (5V source, load over 10kOhm), 25 hours (20mA source, load under 5V)
      Automatic Power-off: Approximately 20 minutes (Can be disabled by setting)
      Display Refresh Rate: Approx 1 sec.
      Level Setting Response of generator: Approximately 1 second (from when the output begins to change until when the output level falls within the specified accuracy)
      Dimensions: Approximately Approx. 90 (W)×192 (H)×42 (D)
      Weight: Approximately 440 g
      Operating temperature/humidity: -10 to 55°C and 20 to 80%RH (no condensation)
      Storage temperature: -20 to 60°C and 90%RH or less (no condensation

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