Sonel MIC-5001 5kV Insulation Resistance Meter 5 TΩ 5000V MegOhmMeter

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Product features

  • measurement voltage selected within the range of 50…500 V with steps of 50 V and from 500 to 5000 V with steps of 100 V
  • continuous reading of measured insulation resistance or leakage current
  • automatic discharge of the measured object’s capacitance upon completion of insulation resistance measurement
  • sound signalling of fi ve-second time intervals, facilitating capture of time characteristics
  • timing of measurement time T1, T2 and T3 for measurement of dielectric absorption ratio (DAR) and polarization index (PI)
  • reading of actual measurement voltage during measurement
  • protection against measurement of live objects
  • two- or three-lead method of insulation resistance measurement
  • insulation resistance measurement according to the RampTest method and breakdown voltage measurement with ramping rate up to ~1 kV/s
  • measurement of direct and alternating voltages within the range of 0…750 V
  • 990-cell memory (11,880 entries), data transmission to PC via USB cable
  • power supplied by accumulator
  • instruments meet the requirements laid down by standard EN 61557
  • the meter can be powered and charged from an external power adapter or from a car lighter socke
  • Sonel MIC-5001 5kV Insulation Resistance Meter 5 TΩ 5000V MegOhmMeter

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      Sonel MIC-5001 5kV Insulation Resistance Meter 5 TΩ 5000V MegOhmMeter

      Original price was: ₹87,000.00.Current price is: ₹82,000.00.

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      Original price was: ₹87,000.00.Current price is: ₹82,000.00.


      The Sonel MIC-5001 functional insulation resistance meter is a reliable tool for measuring insulation resistance up to 5 TΩ. Due to its excellent performance, it is used in a wide range of applications, including industry, railway industry and housebuilding industry. The device combines a number of advantages – it is handy, has an ergonomic shape and a robust casing with a high level of protection. In addition, it is characterised by low battery power consumption, and it is possible to recharge the batteries even during measurements.


      Insulation resistance meter with adjustable testing voltage – up to 5 kV. It is a great tool for assessing the condition of electrical insulation in residential buildings, industry, railways and other facilities of general use. Due to its parameters – excellent performance, low power consumption from batteries, the option of charging them during measurements, convenience of use and a  high ingress protection level – it is perfect for maintenance teams, testing motors, cables, street lighting or at the construction and maintenance of  photovoltaic systems. The meter may be recommended to installers working on telecommunications and electric power systems that require the inspection of the insulation sleeve/sheath resistance (UN ≤ 30 kV) to the voltage of 5 kV applied for 5 minutes.


      The meter may be used to measure the insulation resistance using the adjustable test voltage up to 5000 V. When testing the cables, it automatically discharges their load at the moment of completing the measurement.

      MIC-5001 allows the user to determine the insulation resistance by applying linearly increasing voltage with the slope of 1 kV/s, according to standard EEE Std 95TM-2002. This functionality is called RampTest.

      In contrast the maximum test voltage, this slow and uniform method of applying test voltage protects the insulation against sudden “electrical stress”. This process may reveal defects that cannot be observed in classic RISO resistance measurement. If the tested insulation is weakened or defective, RampTest will enable the user to determine its maximum withstand voltage. In addition, this functionality is particularly useful in testing rotating machines or surge arresters.

      The meter has a built-in voltmeter of AC and DC voltages in the range of up to 750 V. Extensive memory allows the device to record and send to a computer nearly 12,000 measurement results. Download Sonel Reader software from manufacturer’s website to analyse the measurement results and present them in graphic form, e.g. current or resistance values shown in a function of time.


      An important advantage of the device is its ability to a sufficiently long operation after one recharging of batteries. Electricians performing tests on repetitive objects or at short intervals do not have to worry about batteries discharging before completing the task. In addition, during the measurement work, the user may recharge device from an external power source, e.g. a powerbank of 12 V/2 Ah.

      • Insulation resistance measurement Measurement range acc. to IEC 61557-2 for (R_{ISOmin}=frac{U_{ISOnom}}{I_{ISOnom}})…5 TΩ
        Range Resolution Accuracy
        0.0…999.9 kΩ 0.1 kΩ ± (3% m.v. + 20 digits)
        1.000…9.999 MΩ 0.001 MΩ ± (3% m.v. + 20 digits)
        1.00…99.99 MΩ 0.01 MΩ ± (3% m.v. + 20 digits)
        100.0…999.9 MΩ 0.1 MΩ ± (3% m.v. + 20 digits)
        1.000…9.999 GΩ 0.001 GΩ ± (3% m.v. + 20 digits)
        10.00…99.99 GΩ 0.01 GΩ ± (3% m.v. + 20 digits)
        100.0…999.9 GΩ 0.1 GΩ ± (3% m.v. + 20 digits)
        1.000…5.000 TΩ 0.001 TΩ ± (4% m.v. + 50 digits)

        “m.v.” - measured value
        • max. short-circuit current ISC: up to 1.5 mA
        Values of measured resistance depending on measuring voltage
        Voltage UISO Measurement range
        up to 100 V 50 GΩ
        200 V…400 V 100 GΩ
        500 V…900 V 250 GΩ
        1000 V…2400 V 500 GΩ
        2500 V 2500 GΩ
        5000 V 5000 GΩ
        RampTest insulation resistance measurement
        Range Resolution Accuracy
        0.0…999.9 kΩ 0.1 kΩ ±(5% m.v. + 40 digits)
        1.000…9.999 MΩ 0.001 MΩ ±(5% m.v. + 40 digits)
        10.00…99.99 MΩ 0.01 MΩ ±(5% m.v. + 40 digits)
        100.0…999.9 MΩ 0.1 MΩ ±(5% m.v. + 40 digits)
        1.000…9.999 GΩ 0.001 GΩ ±(5% m.v. + 40 digits)
        10.00…99.99 GΩ 0.01 GΩ ±(5% m.v. + 40 digits)
        100.0…999.9 GΩ 0.1 GΩ ±(5% m.v. + 40 digits)
        1.000…4.999 TΩ 0.001 TΩ ±(5% m.v. + 40 digits)
        The measurement of breakdown voltage in RampTest mode
        Range Resolution Chosen UISO Accuracy
        25.0 V…99.0 V 0.1 V ≤600 V ± (5% m.v. + 10 digits)
        100 V…600 V 1 V ≤600 V ± (5% m.v. + 4 digits)
        25 V…999 V 1 V >600 V ± (5% m.v. + 5 digits)
        1.00 kV…5.00 kV 10 V >600 V ± (5% m.v. + 4 digits)
        DC and AC voltage measurement
        Range Resolution Accuracy
        0…299.9 V 0.1 V ±(3% m.v. + 2 digits)
        300…750 V 1 V ±(3% m.v. + 2 digits)

        • frequency range: 45...65 Hz

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