DC EV Charger 40-360 KW

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DC EV Charger 40-360 KW
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  • DC EV Charger 40-360 KW

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      DC EV Charger 40-360 KW

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      1. High Power Output: The range of 40 to 360 kW signifies a very high charging capacity, suitable for ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles. These chargers are commonly found in public charging stations along highways, city centers, or commercial locations to offer quick charging options.
      2. Ultra-Fast Charging: With such high power output, EVs can be charged much more rapidly compared to lower power chargers. This allows for quick top-ups or substantial charge gains in a short time, which is beneficial for long-distance travel or when time is limited.
      3. DC Fast Charging Standards: These chargers often support various DC fast charging standards like CCS (Combined Charging System), CHAdeMO, or Tesla’s proprietary system, depending on the model and region. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles capable of fast charging.
      4. Installation: These chargers typically require specialized electrical infrastructure due to their high power demands. They are commonly installed in commercial settings or along highways and are less frequently found in residential areas due to their power requirements.
      5. Safety and Cooling Systems: Given the high power output, these chargers come equipped with advanced safety features, including robust cooling systems to manage the heat generated during high-speed charging sessions. Safety protocols are crucial to prevent overheating and ensure safe charging.
      6. Smart Features and Connectivity: Some high-powered DC chargers come with smart functionalities, including remote monitoring, payment systems, and connectivity options for better user experience and management.
      7. Public Access and Payment Systems: As these chargers are often placed in public locations, they might have integrated payment systems allowing users to pay for their charging sessions.
      I-V curve tracing of PV modules and strings 1500V/40A
      Open circuit voltage Voc of PV modules and strings 1500V
      Short circuit current Isc on PV modules and strings 40A
      Quick IVCK test for measuring Voc and Isc on PV modules and strings 1500V/40A
      Use of SOLAR-03 remote unit with Bluetooth connection
      Measurement of direct (front side) irradiation with reference cell with SOLAR03 remote unit (standard accessory)
      Measurement of albedo (back side irradiation) with up to 2 reference cells with SOLAR03 remote unit (standard accessory)
      Temperature measurement of cell and environment with SOLAR03 remote unit (standard accessory)
      BMS (Battery Management System) to recover testing energy and recharge the batteries
      Rechargeable or alkaline AA battery powered
      Mains power supply and battery charger
      PV power supply via the measuring inputs
      Seamless measuring mode to start the curve tracing automatically
      Measurement category CAT III 1500VDC, max 1500VDC among inputs
      Customizable PV module database > 40000 internal memory
      Backlit LCD color display with touchscreen
      Intuitive icon menu
      Display rotation to use the instrument upside down
      Internal memory 9999 I-V curves
      External memory microSD
      PC interface with software for Windows and Mac
      Integrated WiFi for connection to smartphones and tablets
      Auto power off
      Help on line on the display
      Size (LxWx H) (mm) 335 x 289 x 155
      Weight in kg (batteries included) 6

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